Website hosting

I manage my own web servers and have been involved in hosting websites since the late 1990s and have had many happy clients over the years. I only take on a limited number of clients to make sure my server resources and my support for you are not over extended. If you are looking for a service where you get control panels, specific storage allocation, or in/out throughput, look elsewhere. There are many large web hosting companies that provide these kind of services at a range of prices. If you are looking for "hands-off" hosting, I can provide that for you. With me, you get a personal IT guy to help setup and maintain your website and any associated email and backup services. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to contact me!



(all prices in Canadian dollars)

  • Basic "business card" website

    $5 per month
    (billed at $60/year)
  • Standard multipage website

    $10 per month
    (billed at $120/year)
  • Wordpress website

    $20 per month
    (billed at $240/year)
  • Website creation, setup, and maintenance

    $100 per hour